City of Markham    
Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
Address: 8971 WOODBINE AVE
Original Address:
Property Legal Description: CON 4 PT LOT 14
Historical Name: The Buttonville General Store and The Hood House
Heritage Conservation District: Buttonville
Ward: 2
Year Built: 1861
Architect Style: Edwardian Classical
Heritage Status of Property: Part IV (Individual)
Designation Bylaw: 2003-9
Heritage Easement Agreement: Yes
History Description
The Hood House, associated with the Buttonville General Store, was built circa 1922 to replace an earlier frame dwelling on the property. At one time it was common for the proprietor of a business to reside on the premises, either in an adjacent home attached of detached from the shop, or in a residence on the second floor. The Hood House, connected to the older store building, is an example of this old time practice of living close to the workplace. Leslie hood was a long time proprietor of the Buttonville General Store.
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Key Map
Please note that the red boundary is not indicative of the actual heritage area and is only meant to highlight the property the heritage building(s) is located at. For a complete description of the actual heritage property please refer to the Designation Bylaw found above.

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