City of Markham    
Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
Address: 7667 14TH AVE
Original Address:
Property Legal Description: CON 10 PT LOT 5
Historical Name: S.S. # 20 Cedar Grove Schoolhouse
Heritage Conservation District:
Ward: 7
Year Built: 1869
Architect Style: Italianate
Heritage Status of Property: Part IV (Individual)
Designation Bylaw: 118-80
Heritage Easement Agreement: No
History Description
Public School S.S. No. 20, built in 1869, is a particularly handsome and well preserved example of the single room school house of the Victorian era. It is believed that the design was based on one of the many published designs issued during the latter half of the 19th century. Its placement reflects in part some of the educational philosophies of the time.
Contemporary Photograph Heritage Photograph
Key Map
Please note that the red boundary is not indicative of the actual heritage area and is only meant to highlight the property the heritage building(s) is located at. For a complete description of the actual heritage property please refer to the Designation Bylaw found above.

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