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Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
Address: 10 COLBOURNE ST
Original Address:
Property Legal Description: PLAN 71 LOT 6 PT LOT 4 PT LOT 5
Historical Name: The Ellen Ramsden House (Thornhill Village Library)
Heritage Conservation District: Thornhill
Ward: 1
Year Built: 1851
Architect Style: Classic Revival
Heritage Status of Property: Part IV (Individual)
Designation Bylaw: 298-78
Heritage Easement Agreement: No
History Description
The house was built for Mrs. Ellen Ramsden nee Frizzell. She died two years afterwards, and the house was deeded to her infant John A. Ramsden. There is a gap in the record, but it is known that John Grice Jr. operated a grocery store in the building in the 1890s until around 1902. Veterinarian John Campbell rented it for while, and in 1911 it was again a residence, home to the Murcock McDonald family who occupied it for 20 years. It subsequently housed the Jim Tutt family, Bill and Mae Tucker, and finally Frank Tucker, who was a village trustee. Mr. Tucker sold the house to the Library Board in 1959, for $16,000. The branch was scheduled to be closed in 1971, but public outcry reversed the decision, and portables were added at the rear as expansion space. In 1977 the property was turned over to the Town of Markham. Napier Simpson designed a restoration, including excavation for replacement foundation. In 1992 the portables were replaced with a new addition, which provided wheelchair access, and more space and amenities.
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Key Map
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