November 8, 2012

Meeting No. 25


Finance & Administrative Issues Community Services Issues

Chair: Mayor Frank Scarpitti Chair: Councillor Alex Chiu

Vice Chair: Councillor Carolina Moretti Vice Chair: Councillor Howard Shore


Environment & Sustainability Issues Building, Parks, & Construction Issues

Chair: Councillor Valerie Burke Chair: Councillor Logan Kanapathi

Vice Chair: Regional Councillor Joe Li Vice Chair: Councillor Colin Campbell


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Mayor Frank Scarpitti

Deputy Mayor Jack Heath

Regional Councillor Gord Landon

Regional Councillor Joe Li

Councillor Valerie Burke

Councillor. Howard Shore

Councillor Don Hamilton

Councillor Carolina Moretti

Councillor Colin Campbell

Councillor Alan Ho

Councillor Logan Kanapathi

Councillor Alex Chiu



Regional Councillor Jim Jones




Andy Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer

Catherine Conrad, City Solicitor

Brenda Librecz, Commissioner of Community & Fire Services

Trinela Cane, Commissioner of Corporate Services

Robert Muir, Senior Stormwater Management Engineer

Joel Lustig, Treasurer

Alida Tari, Council/Committee Coordinator




The Special General Committee meeting convened at the hour of 4: p.m. with Councillor Alex Chiu in the Chair.




None disclosed.







Robert Muir, Senior Stormwater Management Engineer delivered a PowerPoint presentation relative to the Water Systems Management and provided stormwater funding options.


The Committee discussed the following:

        Previously completed water systems management improvements and the need to communicate to public on those

        Issues with major local fees

        Water rate surcharge option issues due to legal challenges

        Do not completely dismiss the property tax increase option

        Water systems improvement benefits to property values and insurability

        Local contribution of City-owned lands - staff should review whether parks should be included in this number

        Longer financing durations and lower charges affects resistance to local charges

        Allocation of fees by those contributing sewer or overland flow to improvement areas

        Canada Gas Tax Fund funding is suitable for flood control

        Look at other tools that the municipality can use to encourage owners to participate such as "up-zoning" their property (Don Mills Channel Area)

        Opposition to local charges if property owners have already paid for losses

        Other water service upgrades funded locally without City subsidy

        The need to consider climate change

        The importance of City wide public consultation process

        Ensure that the Thornhill Liaison Committee is consulted before the city wide public session


Moved by Mayor Frank Scarpitti

Seconded by Councillor Valerie Burke


1) That the presentation by Robert Muir, Senior Stormwater Management Engineer   regarding the Water System Management - Stormwater Funding Options be received; and,


2) That the City's flood control strategy consider a 100-year level of service target for City-wide storm drainage systems, subject to technical feasibility and approvals as part of future Class Environmental Assessments (EA) which shall consider different levels of protection; and,


3) That the City's flood control strategy consider a 5 year level of service target for Don Mills Channel drainage system based on its original design and consider other options, subject to technical feasibility and approval as part of a future Class EA; and,


4) That the City adopt a 30 year implementation timeframe for its flood control strategy; and,


5) That the flood control strategy implement City-wide flood risk reduction projects, prioritized on the basis of identified risk and cost-effectiveness of solutions; and,


6) That the flood control strategy be updated on a 5 year cycle considering projects identified in completed technical studies and updated budget requirements; and,


7) That staff proceed with City Wide public consultation on the following flood control funding options:

a) 100% City-wide fees

b) 100% Local Charges

c) 75% Local Charges and 25% City-wide fee


8) That Canada Gas Tax Funding be considered to offset the cost of the above options; and,


9) That staff meet with the Thornhill Liaison Committee prior to the City Wide public consultations; and further,


10) That staff report back following public consultation and recommend a funding option

for the flood control strategy.







There was no new business.





Moved by Councillor Logan Kanapathi

Seconded by Councillor Colin Campbell


That the Special General Committee meeting adjourn at 6:40 p.m.